Azealia Banks: Newest Illuminati Puppet:

As of late it seems that the illuminati has been using select celebrities to do their bidding. You will see these celebs referred to as illuminati puppets. It is believed that these so called puppets are products of mk-ultra mind control, and are being used to spread the message in return for fame and fortune. I will be doing a whole series on this phenomenon, but for now let me introduce you to the newest illuminati puppet.

This is Azealia Banks, an up and coming hip hop artist. Now I don’t know to much about her but what I have found out is very disturbing. She is signed to interscope, and is rising to fame out of nowhere, which is typical with these puppets.

Also it has been confirmed that she has worked with both Lady Gaga, and Kanye West. Both West and Gaga are also thought to be illuminati, and Azealia lists her 2 main influences as Aaliyah who was rumored to be an illuminati sacrifice, and Beyonce. Well if those aren’t red flags.

Now for her above video titled fittingly “Atlantis”. This video is so out in the open with symbolic references to the freemasons and the illuminati it is hard to begin.

I will point out a few and you can find the rest. If you watch closely you will see her to name a few:

  1. flash the 666 over her left eye multiple times
  2. stick out a forked tongue
  3. have horns a obvious reference to Baphomet
  4. hold a checkerboard patterned seahorse

These are just a few examples of how the illuminati are using mass media to program us, and they are getting very blatant about it which should make you all nervous.

Enjoy the video and pay close attention!