Drake BET Acceptance Ritual

It really angers me that all of these rituals are televised and no one is the wiser.  We are being used people, and for the most part we are actively participating.

Take for example Drake’s acceptance speech at the 2011 BET awards.  Now again there is a great deal of speculation surrounding this, but if you are awake you can see through their lies.

Apparently a viewer, or fan got to announce the viewers choice award, and she announced Chris Brown, then Rhianna, but wait the winner was Drake.  She was reading from a prompter so she unknowingly was playing a part in this ritual.

So Drake accepts the award, which apparently was not his, but look what he is wearing an owl shirt which is very similar to the logo of the Bohemian Grove, hmm interesting.  These mass rituals are becoming more common, as the public is unaware.

Drake accepted his award, via humiliation, a la Taylor Swift at the MTV music awards, thus accepting his position into the Illuminati elite.

Now amazingly enough Drake went on to perform that night with none other than Lil’ Wayne, and what song did he perform?  I’m on one.  Fitting I would say.