Justin Bieber The Beginning of The End?

Now I am not a follower of pop culture, I do not have cable, nor do I listen to pop music.  However I was making note of some weird happenings to one Mr. Justin Bieber.


Now everyone knows who Bieber is, he started a new hairstyle trend, and is a very popular musician.  What I have been paying attention to is the fact that I think Bieber is either an illuminati sacrifice, or perhaps he wasn’t going along with their plans.


Well what could I mean? For me it started when I read that Bieber was overlooked for a grammy.  That seems very, very strange given his popularity, so I began looking deeper.  Well it seems that he has been having highly publicized issues with his sweetheart, and Disney girl Selena Gomez, where he was seen pleading for her outside of her home.


Hmm, now love trouble after all of his run ins with the law and his fancy sports cars. Is the downfall of Bieber ala Brittany Spears.  Well I am not sure but I am interested.  Also I have noticed that Mr. Bieber is sporting some new ink, an Owl none the less. Which his friend and fellow countryman Drake has adopted as the logo for his clothing line, which he was seen wearing at the BET awards when his name was called wrong, can you say ritual?


I think for those who are paying attention that this will be the beginning of the end for Mr. Bieber, it looks as if he has done something wrong or maybe was a sacrifice all along and didn’t know it. 

Let us pay attention and see if Selena’s career takes off while Justin’s falls behind. Thoughts?  Perhaps the elite are mad because his faith is divided, see his Jesus tattoo?