Taylor Swift AMA Performance Illuminati Ritual

Taylor Swift’s performance at the 2012 AMA is a blatant Illuminati Ritual, and it may not turn out well for Taylor.

I am sure all of the readers are familiar with the now infamous ritual performed at the 2009 MTV VMAs involving Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and another Illuminati puppet, Mr Kanye West.  Well it seems that Ms. Swift has undergone her next step in the mind controlled puppet network of the Illuminati.

At the VMAs it seemed that she was being ushered in to the the Illuminati family, which makes sense because since then she has blown up even bigger than she was prior.  She is the face of Covergirl make up, on the cover of countless fashion and entertainment magazines, and is always seen dating high profile men, even a Kennedy but I will save that for another post.  Many photos of Taylor show her flashing her Illuminati propaganda, being the number 13 drawn on her body etc, needless to say she has a huge following and is influential.

Taylor Swift’s Illuminati Ritual

Now, back to her performance.  It seems that it was time for Taylor to not be little miss nice girl anymore.  We have seen this with Britney, Christina, Rhianna you name it, it is the same formula if you pay attention.  Her performance starts with her on a staircase in a pure white dress.

As you can see the set is very symmetrical with staircases and railings on both sides (duality), but more prominent is the black and white checkered floor of masonic origin.  She seems to be at some sort of party or ball, where strangely all the guests are masked but her, this I would see as her being surrounded by forces that she is aware of but does not entirely know who they are.  Also if you have seen Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise, he attends an Illuminati party where they are all masked, and they end up having elaborate orgies which is typical of these types of events.

She is singing and dancing in a style not typical of Taylor but not too out of the ordinary, maybe she is changing it up etc, but then it happens.  The music and set become darker and Taylor emerges in a much sexier red and black dress.  Now she is dancing in a way that is not the typical Taylor Swift, this is much darker and way more sexual.

It seems her innocence is lost and they are broadcasting this ritual to millions.  The transformation is complete and coincidentally the title of the song is “I Knew You Were Trouble”.  Perhaps Taylor knew that she was making a deal with the wrong people and it seems that now it is time for her to pay up..   I have included a video of the performance for you to watch and give me feedback on.

I am curious to see what happens next.  My prediction is that Taylor will become increasingly more risque in her actions, attire etc, but we will see.

Keep your eyes open people, these images are being forced upon our children under the guise of friendly nonthreatening individuals like Taylor Swift.  It is time to wake up.